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Undergraduate Students

This application is for students who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents who are either considered Freshmen, Adult Learners, Transfer, or Former Students, and want to attend BPC in-person. 

FRESHMEN: students who have graduated high school or have earned a diploma that is equivalent (i.e. GED), and have not enrolled as a degree-seeking student at another university or college since graduation.

TRANSFER: students who have attended one or more regionally accredited postsecondary institution(s) since graduating from high school. These students may have earned credit transferable to Brewton-Parker College, but have never attended Brewton-Parker as more than a transient. 

FORMER STUDENT: students who have attended Brewton-Parker before, have sat out for two consecutive or more semesters, and are looking to return to complete an undergraduate degree.

Start your application by clicking the "Apply Now" button above and choose the Undergraduate Degree Students Application (On-Campus/In-Person Learning). 

Online Students

This application is for students who want to earn their undergraduate degree 100% online with BPC. This is ideally set up for Adult Learners

We know that life can sometimes delay your education or make it a challenge to complete in a traditional manner. Brewton-Parker offers a convenient and affordable alternative. This cohort designed program will give you flexibility. 

Start your application by clicking the "Apply Now" button above and choose the Online Degree Students Application (Online Learning Only). 

Smart Teaser

Brewton-Parker invites Transient Students to apply with us! You ask, what is a Transient Student? Well, a transient is an undergraduate student in good standing at another institution who enrolls for one semester at Brewton-Parker College in order to complete work to be transferred back to the home institution.

If this is you, then start your application by clicking the "Apply Now" button above and choose the Transient Students Application.

International Students

Students from all over the world study at Brewton-Parker College. But, what is an International Student? An International Student is one who is neither a U.S. citizen nor a U.S. permanent resident who wishes to attend a U.S. university or college. 

Oftentimes, students who fall in this category are those who are coming to the States on an F-1 Visa. If this matches you, then you can count on us to work with you to help them navigate the I-20 process and obtain your F-1 Visa. For more information about studying in the States, visit: the Study in the States site.

If you are in the U.S. under an F-1 Visa, rather are here in the U.S. through a Non-immigrant Class Status, we will still help you get enrolled. 

Start your application by clicking the "Apply Now" button above and choose the International Students Application (F-1 Visa/Non-immigrant Class Students).

Post-Baccalaureate Application